AMBIGUITY is all about deducing the secret items (words) of your opponents.

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Deduce the Secrets!

In Ambiguity, you try to deduce the secret items of your opponents.

How To Play

Each player secretly picks an item from over 400 items.

Clues, in the form of attributes, are revealed and players use them, or lack thereof, to guess who has what item. >After a brief setup, the game play follows: A player pulls an Attribute card and places it into the Attributes grid in an unused slot – one without indicator tokens. Each player whose mystery item matches one of the attributes on the card must place their coloured token on the card without revealing the actual attribute Players will record any deductions on their forms.

Players can make guesses of other players’ items at any time, although you shouldn’t do so until enough attributes have been exposed – no need to waste your limited “Take a Guess” cards. Attributes describe item qualities and categories. All items will have at least three attributes. Some items will have ambiguous attributes out of context.

For example, CHEDDAR is both a CHEESE and a CITY while MERCURY is a GOD, a LIQUID, a PLANET, ROUND, METALLIC, SILVER-coloured and in the SOLAR SYSTEM.

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What's in the Box?

The box of lasercut components includes:

  • 450 "items" on 45 cards
  • 105 attributes on 35 cards (describe items)
  • 60 indicator tokens in six colours
  • 3 special revelation cards
  • 12 “Take a Guess” cards
  • 2 gameboards
  • 20 deduction forms (more on our website).